2020 'zoom' picture with our rotation students

 Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer Synthesis, Catalysis, and Supramolecular Self-Assembly

Addressing Bottlenecks in Organic Synthesis with Polymer Chemistry, and Confronting Materials Challenges through Organic Synthesis and Self-Assembly


"...if we can buy that monomer, we're not interested in it..."


13 January 2021

Steve's manuscript with Margaret is accepted in ACS Nano.

Steve's work on furan-derived nanothreads as part of the NSF Center for Chemical Innovation has been accepted in ACS Nano.  Check the publications tab for links!

01 December 2020

NSF CAREER is funded.

Beth's proposal on "Dual Photoredox Catalysis under Confinement" is funded through the NSF Early Career Program. 

30 November 2020

Jake is selected for a Chemistry Department TA Award.

Jake was recognized for his exceptional contributions to our Chem 213M and 431W lab sections.  Congrats, Jake!! 

25 November 2020

DEI in Organic Chemistry Editorial

Beth and a crew of assistand professors wrote an editorial on diversity and inclusion in organic chemistry that was accepted in ACS Central Science. Check out the publication tab for a link!

02 November 2020

Jake's manuscript with Steve, Lauren, Lucas, and Ashley is accepted in ACS Catalysis.

Jake's paper featuring single-chain polymers that promote accelerated dual catalysis is published in ACS Catalysis.  Check the publications tab for links!

03 September 2020

Margaret's manuscript with Steve and Shalisa is accepted in Chemical Science.

Margaret's paper on the use of Ar/ArF synthons to synthesize functionalized sequence-defined nanothreads as part of the NSF Center for Chemical Innovation has been accepted in Chemical Science, and featured as a HOT article of 2020.  Check the publications tab for links!

20 August 2020

Lauren is awarded the Elizabeth and J. Paul Smith Scholarship.

Lauren is awarded another scholarship to help fund her senior year. Congrats to Lauren!!

20 August 2020

Lauren is selected as an Undergraduate Research Ambassador.

Lauren will work with other PSU undergrads to represent research to fellow undergraduates, faculty, staff, and alumni of PSU.  Part of this entails encouraging peers to become involved in research, as well as being a key member of panel discussions that promote ECoS research.  Congrats to Lauren!!

15 August 2020

Stephen is selected for a TA Award.

Stephen received a PSU Continuing TA Award for his proposal on highlighting the contributions of chemists from minorities backgrounds into our organic chemistry curriculum.  The award will give him the freedom to present and disseminate information centered on the scientific contributions of historical and/or contemporary chemists to our first semester organic students as part of his TA assignment.  Congrats, Stephen!! 

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