Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Polymer  Materials, and Supramolecular Self-Assembly

Addressing Bottlenecks in Organic Synthesis with Polymer Chemistry, and Confronting Materials Challenges through Organic Synthesis and Self-Assembly


"...if we can buy that monomer, we're not interested in it..."


15 October 2019

Beth is awarded a Doctoral New Investigator grant from the ACS Petroleum Research Fund.

The grant, entitled 'Controlled Synthesis of Donor-Acceptor Polymers Derived from [2.2]Cyclophanes,' will prime further investigations into well-defined D-A polymers using ROMP.

01 September 2019

Julia Berry joins as a jointly-advised student with Ramesh Giri.

Julia will work between our group and the Giri group to spearhead synthetic methodology to achieve new polymers and materials.  Welcome, Julia!

12 August 2019

Dr. Shalisa Oburn joins the group as an Eberly Postdoctoral Fellow.

Shalisa is one of three department recipients of the ECoS Postdoctoral Fellowship, typically awarded to seven candidates across the college.  Shalisa will use her knowledge of organic solid-state reactivity and crystal engineering in new and interesting ways in the group... Welcome Shalisa!!

28 June 2019

Jake and Beth present at EWOC.

Jake and Beth represented PSU-UP at EWOC with awesome posters on catalysis and sequence-defined materials.

10 and 20 June 2019

Beth presents at the Polymers GRC and ICCOSS XXIV.

Beth highlighted donor-acceptor materials on the GRC poster, survived the GRC, and hightailed it to ICCOSS and spoke about Margaret's work on 'squishing' organic molecules!!


01 June 2019

Beth presents at the Emerging Investigators:  Early Career Organic Chemists Symposium at MARM.

Beth spoke about our methods to obtain sequence-specific donor/acceptor conjugated polymers through ROMP.


01 May 2019

First Group paper is accepted!!

Beth and Maria's paper on sequence-specific donor/acceptor conjugated polymers through ROMP is published in Angewandte Chemie.  Check out the publications tab for info!

26 April 2019

Maria Gregor starts at PPG!

The first undergraduate to join the group, Maria, is hired as a research chemist at PPG.  Congrats, Maria!

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